Navigating by ear pulling: Pull-Navi

Image: Gizmodo

Recently we have learned about a Japanese invention for tactile navigation. The researchers propose a way of navigation to which we have been used to since the early childhood – by pulling the ears in the needed direction. They argue that it provides an instantaneous response and is very natural. Here is what our CEO Walter has to say about Pull-Navi – “Yes, I think there solution is intuitive and implements 3D navigation (pulling up and down to indicate stairs). However, I think for long term use it might be not suitable as the ears become longer and longer.”

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  • This could be the craziest invention ever to be designed. I’m from America where ear pulling isn’t super common but I do think this special hat could be of a future genius. Who knows, maybe people could use them on preteens or teenagers who might need some extra guidelines to fallow. Could this hat be sold or ordered?

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