Sensovo sights UFO together with partner consortium 

As early as the beginning of 2020, the two managing directors of Sensovo put their heads together and discussed whether the UFO project was feasible for the Sensovo team. A UFO? What does that even mean? No, this is not about little green aliens, although the complex description of the project might suggest. ­čÖé Wanna […]

Sensovo meets MP Markus Tressel 

On the 18th of August Sensovo met Markus Tressel, Member of the Bundestag. Michael Bauer from Carbolution helped in organizing a meeting at his facilities for the meeting. Sensovo’s disruptive Technology was discussed and the potential applications. “Especially during Corona times the vibro-tactile navigation technology of Sensovo can be very useful, for example for visitor guidance systems.”, […]

Sensovo wins special price ‘Digital Entertainment’ – CyberOne Hightech Award 2017 

A little story Amusement parks are a great thing! Just recently I went together with a friend to Germany’s largest, park, the Europa Park. When we were there, the attractions and impressions┬á were overwhelming. No matter where you looked, even the smallest corner was decorated, decorated or at least put in the right light. Every […]

Sensovo in Stuttgart at the StartUp Summit 2017 

Sensovo at StartUp Gipfel 2017 in Stuttgart

For the first time the federal state Baden-W├╝rttemberg presents a StartUp summit. Under the patronage of prime minister Kretschmann and secretary of state for trade and industry Hoffmeister-Kraut on 14th July 2017 there where over 2.600 people in Stuttgart. The complete federal state is devide in nine “ecosystems”. Sensovo was also presented inside the “ecosystem” […]

New version of Sensovo Vibes prototype presented at Cologne Business Angels meeting 

Sensovo Vibes

Currently we are looking for investors that allows our company keep growing and have our first product in the market as soon as possible. Last Monday we had the opportunity to pitch in the Cologne Business Angels (CBA) meeting and it went really well. Many people liked our idea and business model, and two of […]

Sensovo at the International Astronautical Congress in Jerusalem 2015 

Walter made his way to the International Astronautical Congress in Jerusalem and presented a paper there that summarizes research in the field of tactile navigation. The paper can be found here – Besides having a fantastic audience at the IAC, Walter also had a chance to meet Buzz Aldrin, the man who walked on the […]

Pitching in the finals to Disney 

We are happy to announce that Sensovo was selected to be one of the three finalists in the Innovate UK competition sponsered by┬áIC Tomorrow. In front of the judges from Disney we explained about Sensovo in the Digital Catapult centre in London. Walter and Rashid were present and ready to answer the questions of the […]

Sensovo likes Pebble 

Everyone is in Pebble fever. So is Sensovo.

Sensovo meets Geocaching expert Mixi 

Mixi is a Geocaching expert and show casts various technologies, tricks and hints on his webpage MixiTV. Uli and Walter visited him to discuss latest developments in the Geocaching community. Thanks for this great opportunity Mixi! We were also happy to support Mixi in the creation of a video for a language series, where useful […]

Prototype Vibes presented at Future en Seine 

Together with Eurisy we shared a stand at the Future en Seine Technology Show in Paris. It was a great opportunity to showcast our new prototype Vibes and get feedback from potential users.